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Magnus is an international company with presence in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the UK . We hold partnerships throughout several countries in Europe (UK, Belgium, Switzerland …) to spread our influence and customer portfolios.

The main activity of ourcompany is to manage the consumption of big consumers of energy commodities from the perspective of the purchase. We help companies to define an energy buying model and pull it off day by day. Throughout the last 4 years, we have been experiencing a yearly growth of 50% in terms of revenues and portfolio composition.

Our customer’s profile is that of a company spending over 1 million € in electricity as well as gas/natural gas. Such customers usually have presence in several countries, big companies with significant facilities, hence their energy costs is of remarkable importance for them.

Up until now , we have been managing over 1000 million € in energy expense with customers over the Iberian peninsula, and around 4000 million € globally speaking.

Our global team is formed by 40 people, with a squad of 15 in Spain (Barcelona HQ).

In this blog, our Consultants and experts give brief insights about several topics concerning our industry, as well as promotion of our services.

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